I kept my fashion very relaxed and loose this weekend. Boyfriend jeans, vests, boots and knits. Seeing that it is spring I had to throw some florals in though. Groundbreaking. I know ;)

Kat's Weekend Outfit

The bf and I went for dinner with friends at Rick’s Cafe on friday night. Food was yummy. The restaurant has a vibe and is fun. Company was the best. All in all a fantastic way to wind down after a long week.

Blazer Jacket from H&M
Megan Fox vest from Thailand
Studded belt from H&M
Boyfriend jeans from Zara

Kat's weekend fashion

A friend had his first fight at CFL on saturday and obviously we went to watch him kick a**. Well done again! It’s been a fun day with friends, watching fights and laughing a lot.

Open front knitted cardigan from Jenni Button
Katy Perry vest from Thailand
Floral denims from Katema
Studded boots from Zara

Kat's weekend outfits

Sunday I was styling a model test shoot and for work I like to keep it super comfortable and easy. Which I did.

Black button up cardigan from H&M
Coral crochet jersey from Katema
Black high waisted leggings from H&M
Studded boots from Zara

-K xxo

Katherina's mermaid hair Katherina's mermaid hair Katherina's mermaid hair Katherina's mermaid hair Katherina's mermaid hair Katherina's mermaid hair Katherina's mermaid hair Katherina's mermaid hair Katherina's mermaid hair Katherina's mermaid hair


Green hair don’t care. Actually, green and blue hair don’t care.

I felt like something new. You know us girls. Everytime we go through changes in our lives we have to either change our perfume, hair cut or hair colour. Well, for me it’s usually the hair cut but this time I went for the colour. Of course I couldn’t just change my hair colour to a blonde or black. No! I wanted something more vibrant in my life. And now, thanks to the lovely Shanti from MOP Hair, I have green and blue mermaid hair.

It was the first time we tried the green and blue and straight away it came out perfectly. Loving this new look and can’t wait to play around with it a bit more for festival season :)

-K xxo

I did a photoshoot with Abigail from Abigail K Photography the other day. The only difference was, that I was in front of the camera this time instead of being the stylist behind the camera.

Abigail offers a range of services just like wedding photography, couple shoots, couture and before & after portraits.
My favourite must be the before & after portraits. For that she brings in a make up artist and a stylist who show her clients how, with a minimum effort, they can look their best. It’s a service that can change the self-esteem of someone in a positive way for good.

Have a look at her website here. If you ask me, everyone should have some lovely portraits of themselves in their homes.

For my shoot I was dressed in one of the most beautiful evening gowns and in my very first wedding dress ;) Both dresses were designed by Rose from Molteno Creations. Definitely a designer you should keep an eye on. Her couture dresses are timelessly beautiful.

Have a look at the pics below and see for yourself.

-K xxo


Katherina from Katema Katherina from Katema Katherina from KatemaKatherina from KatemaKatherina from KatemaKatherina from Katema

Today I’m writing to share big news. It might appear sad at first but if you keep on reading you’ll see that this will lead to make space for bigger and better things.

Katema Boutique in Bree Street is closing down! 

Opening up a Boutique like this was a big risk which I happily took. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. I went too big too soon. The signs were there that it wasn’t meant to be. There was little foot traffic for fashion retail. My roof broke down. The walls weren’t water resistant and every time it would rain I had new water damages. And the most recent sign: a break in. Part of being a good business woman is to know when to count your blessings and when to cut your losses. And this is what I have to do: cut my loss.

I do not regret ever taking the risk of this project as I have learned a lot and now am a step closer to where I want to be.

Also, just because the Boutique is closed doesn’t mean Katema comes to an end. The people who know me, know I’m not that easy to bring to a halt. Katema will further exist – just a little differently.

I am currently looking for a smaller location which I will use as showroom for my fashion labels, Katema and Warped, as well as a studio for my styling and personal shopping service. That’s right ladies and gents – I am going back to the roots and start doing what I do best again:

Make other people feel good about themselves by getting them out of their fashion comfort zone!

I am excited to start this new chapter in my career and look forward to working with you soon.

Kat xo

Couple days ago I had a photoshoot to showcase some of the autumn fashion Katema Boutique has in store.

Just to clarify, I’m NOT a professional model. Hence I was quite nervous on the days leading up to the shoot as well as on the morning. Thankfully I worked with two amazing ladies of the industry who made me feel so comfortable and we ended up having so much fun that I totally forgot all about being nervous very quickly.

Kass (www.kass-photography.com) took the amazing pictures and Sam (www.samanthalaurakaye.com) made me look all pretty and colourful with her awesome make up skills. The styling I did myself – kind of makes sense considered that I am a stylist ;)

In the end we had to narrow the outcome down to six photographs (which turned out to be quite a challenge since Kass took so many amazing ones). The chosen ones will be edited in true pop art style, printed on canvas and showcased at Katema Boutique 219 Bree Street, Cape Town. They also will be for sale. I promise they make for great pop wall art. So watch out for the big revelation of the end results.

In the meantime, just as a little tease, here are some behind the scenes snapshots :

Behind the scenes: Pop art fashion shoot Behind the scenes: Pop art fashion shoot Behind the scenes: Pop art fashion shoot Behind the scenes: Pop art fashion shoot Behind the scenes: Pop art fashion shoot Behind the scenes: Pop art fashion shoot Behind the scenes: Pop art fashion shoot Behind the scenes: Pop art fashion shoot Behind the scenes: Pop art fashion shoot Behind the scenes: Pop art fashion shoot Behind the scenes: Pop art fashion shoot

Hey there

My name is Katherina but most people call me Kat. You know, like MEEOW ;)
As you might have read in the “About” page, I am the owner of Katema – the label and the boutique.

“Kat’s world” is going to be the blog of this homepage. It’s going to be a bit different to other blogs on fashion websites though. It is not going to be all about fashion but more personal. After all Katema is me. All the clothes we sell represent me in one way or another. Hence, I find it only fair if  you also get to know me and my world properly.


Lets start with the basics:

As you properly have already figured, I am not from here. (Some people claim they can hear my accent in my writing and I actually believe that.) I am from beautiful Austria (no, it’s not Germany but yes, we do speak the same language). Four years ago I moved to Cape Town and never regretted it.

In 2011 I founded Katema the fashion label. In 2013 I founded, with my friend Andrea, the mens label WARPED (also available at the Boutique) and end of  2013 I opened up Katema Boutique in 219 Bree Street. My career so far summarized in two sentences … short and sweet :)

Besides running the Boutique and managing two fashion labels I also work as a stylist. I love fashion and am very passionate about the industry.

I do have other interests as well but lets explore more about me and my world in future posts to come. I mustn’t tell you the whole story about me right away ;)

Have a lovely day.

xxo Kat