Hey there

My name is Katherina but most people call me Kat. You know, like MEEOW ;)
As you might have read in the “About” page, I am the owner of Katema – the label and the boutique.

“Kat’s world” is going to be the blog of this homepage. It’s going to be a bit different to other blogs on fashion websites though. It is not going to be all about fashion but more personal. After all Katema is me. All the clothes we sell represent me in one way or another. Hence, I find it only fair if  you also get to know me and my world properly.


Lets start with the basics:

As you properly have already figured, I am not from here. (Some people claim they can hear my accent in my writing and I actually believe that.) I am from beautiful Austria (no, it’s not Germany but yes, we do speak the same language). Four years ago I moved to Cape Town and never regretted it.

In 2011 I founded Katema the fashion label. In 2013 I founded, with my friend Andrea, the mens label WARPED (also available at the Boutique) and end of  2013 I opened up Katema Boutique in 219 Bree Street. My career so far summarized in two sentences … short and sweet :)

Besides running the Boutique and managing two fashion labels I also work as a stylist. I love fashion and am very passionate about the industry.

I do have other interests as well but lets explore more about me and my world in future posts to come. I mustn’t tell you the whole story about me right away ;)

Have a lovely day.

xxo Kat