Today I’m writing to share big news. It might appear sad at first but if you keep on reading you’ll see that this will lead to make space for bigger and better things.

Katema Boutique in Bree Street is closing down! 

Opening up a Boutique like this was a big risk which I happily took. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. I went too big too soon. The signs were there that it wasn’t meant to be. There was little foot traffic for fashion retail. My roof broke down. The walls weren’t water resistant and every time it would rain I had new water damages. And the most recent sign: a break in. Part of being a good business woman is to know when to count your blessings and when to cut your losses. And this is what I have to do: cut my loss.

I do not regret ever taking the risk of this project as I have learned a lot and now am a step closer to where I want to be.

Also, just because the Boutique is closed doesn’t mean Katema comes to an end. The people who know me, know I’m not that easy to bring to a halt. Katema will further exist – just a little differently.

I am currently looking for a smaller location which I will use as showroom for my fashion labels, Katema and Warped, as well as a studio for my styling and personal shopping service. That’s right ladies and gents – I am going back to the roots and start doing what I do best again:

Make other people feel good about themselves by getting them out of their fashion comfort zone!

I am excited to start this new chapter in my career and look forward to working with you soon.

Kat xo