When I love, I love

I once heard that

it is both, a blessing and a curse, to feel so very deeply“.

How true that is… Everyone I have fallen in love with, might it be romantically or as a friend, I have fallen in love with not by chance – but by choice.

I choose to live with love and compassion in all that I do. I choose to forgive without fail.

But, it is by this choice that I not only feel love so greatly, but also experience all the depths of pain. When someone breaks my heart I wonder why I ever allowed myself to make this choice to feel with and give everything I have. In the end though it comes down to this: When I love, I love.

And it is when that someone, who I give my all, gives and loves me with everything they have that I realize why I make the same choice over and over gain.

-K xxo

What a beautiful weekend it was. It’s been filled with a lot of sleep (which I needed to catch up on), cuddles with my bf and pooch, friends, laughter and bubbles. Every great weekend has to have bubbles ;)

Our beloved Cape Town also wasn’t shy to show off it’s beauty. I mean honestly? How’s that for winter? Sun out, 27 degrees and a landscape like nowhere else.

As you guys know, I’m not a born and bred Capetonian. Matter of fact is I only moved here 4.5 years ago and according to Capetonians you are only excepted as one of them after living in the mother city (correct me if I’m wrong) for 10years. I still have a good stretch to go. However, that doesn’t change how I feel about this city. Cape Town is my home. Period. Not only do I have my life, love and business here but also my soul. No matter where I go, Cape Town is the one city I always want to return to.

Thanks to my most amazing parents and the lucky upbringing I had, I’m quite well traveled and have seen a lot in the world. Still there is so much more I want to see. Not even to mention the places I have to go back to and explore more. But no other city ever drew me in like Cape Town. I can’t imagine another place ever will. Cape Town wasn’t love at first sight. It started as a friendship. Then it evolved to a friendship with benefits. Something you come back to but don’t settle down for. And suddenly I fell. Hard. I fell in love with this city.

It’s not always easy for expats like me. Or maybe it’s just me. But yes, sometimes you do miss the familiarity of the place you were brought up in. You miss your friends. Your family. Especially on special occasions. Or sometimes, and that’s the hardest part, just in random moments. For example when you hear a song. A song that reminds you of a friend. A family member. Or maybe even your childhood pet.

Every time I start to miss my origins though, Cape Town shows me again why I live here. Why I love it so much. Why it became my home. If I wouldn’t know better, I’d say this city knows. It knows when to play hard to get and when to show you all it’s love in full force again. Like a guy you try to get over. I’m pretty sure every girl older than (let’s say) 16 knows what I’m talking about. You go through a break up and as soon as you start to stop thinking about the guy and start being ready to move on with your life, all of a sudden he is liking your pics on Facebook, follows your Instagram, messages you or reaches out in one of the other million ways you can do it nowadays and puts himself right back into your thoughts. Gives you hope again. Like he knew, he’s about to get discarded. Cape Town does the exact same.

2014 hasn’t been the easiest year for pretty much everyone I know – including myself. I’m not going to go into all the details what went wrong this  year but lets just say it’s been actually pretty sh*t. Recently I even reached the point where I started thinking, maybe I should go back to Europe. Not neccesarily Austria but just closer to the place my family and a lot of my friends call home.

As soon as I started only thinking about it, Cape Town drew me right back in. It’s the little things. Like driving Chapman’s Peak for the first time in I don’t know how long and see all of it’s beauty. Friends who you made since you moved here showing you how amazing they are and  giving you everything you need in that moment without you asking for it. Your boyfriend not only saying all the right things but also letting his actions speak. In the most amazing ways. Sunday lunches filled with so much laughter and joy. Meeting randomly new people who help you getting on the path you always wanted to be on. Having sleepless nights but it’s okay because you can see the spectacular sunrise and write this post.

Funny thing is when I started writing this post I actually wanted to say something completely else. I wanted to write about how much  I miss my best friend. Especially this weekend as it was her birthday on friday. How much I miss my family. How much I miss being part of their celebrations just like my parents 33rd wedding anniversary (Can we please have a quick moment here. 33 years married!!), also, on friday. Just like that though, while I was writing, I realised once again that Cape Town is my love and that I belong here.

I do miss (out on) a lot of things from back ‘home’ but Cape Town is worth it.

-K xxo



Today I’m writing to share big news. It might appear sad at first but if you keep on reading you’ll see that this will lead to make space for bigger and better things.

Katema Boutique in Bree Street is closing down! 

Opening up a Boutique like this was a big risk which I happily took. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. I went too big too soon. The signs were there that it wasn’t meant to be. There was little foot traffic for fashion retail. My roof broke down. The walls weren’t water resistant and every time it would rain I had new water damages. And the most recent sign: a break in. Part of being a good business woman is to know when to count your blessings and when to cut your losses. And this is what I have to do: cut my loss.

I do not regret ever taking the risk of this project as I have learned a lot and now am a step closer to where I want to be.

Also, just because the Boutique is closed doesn’t mean Katema comes to an end. The people who know me, know I’m not that easy to bring to a halt. Katema will further exist – just a little differently.

I am currently looking for a smaller location which I will use as showroom for my fashion labels, Katema and Warped, as well as a studio for my styling and personal shopping service. That’s right ladies and gents – I am going back to the roots and start doing what I do best again:

Make other people feel good about themselves by getting them out of their fashion comfort zone!

I am excited to start this new chapter in my career and look forward to working with you soon.

Kat xo